Off-Late-Afternoons is a transdisciplinary collective of designers, design strategists and developers based between NYC, Mexico City, Amsterdam, Gdańsk, Kraków & Bangkok. Navigating complementary disciplines across not-so-complementary timezones, O-L-A welcomes design projects that are progressive, community-centric, and planet-positive.

  • Branding & Visual Identity Development
  • Communication Design & Social Strategy
  • Service Design & Product Strategy
  • UX & UI Design
  • Web & Mobile Development
Sheena Matheiken
Sheena Matheiken

Sheena is a Creative Director and Interdisciplinary Designer who has been immersed in commercial design and emerging tech environments for two decades. Design as a discipline underpins her multidisciplinary practice, as the prerequisite that gives all substantial things their necessary grounding and resonance. Prior to O-L-A, she was Design Lead at the Guild of Future Architects, Head of Experience Design at New Lab Brooklyn, and Creative Director at The Mill NY. Sheena is also an independent filmmaker and ceramic artist.

Oona Eager
Oona Eager

Oona is a communications and community strategist with over 12 years experience working in the fields of tourism, adult learning, philanthropy and venture capital. She has brought the following projects to life: championing investment in the future of our food system; co-developing a new, radical philanthropic fund; activating a global learning community of social change leaders; supporting the active mobility movement as a Board Member; barn-raising an international leadership institute; and launching an upscale retail market.

Radis Jensethawat
Radis Jensethawat

Radis is a seasoned Design Director working across physical and digital realms for nearly 2 decades. He has a keen ability to distill beauty and clarity from complexity. With roots in the vibrant culture of Thailand and experience across global innovation hubs in the US, his design philosophy marries the artistic with the practical, creating experiences that not only delight but serve. He led design engagements at McKinsey & Company, Samsung Innovation Lab, and Frog Design.

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